What You Should Know


People are interested in YOU, so relax and be yourself. People want to get to know the real you. Additionally, even if you have no interest  with someone in particular, remember to always be polite. You may have other things in common and develop quite a friendship despite your initial reaction. .


The lifestyle can raise certain, valid insecurities, uncertainties and fears. You're not always going to find people that share the exact same views that you do. Always try to be aware of other people's comfort levels, especially your partner. In a group party situation, a friendly "hello" can work wonders to ease someone's discomfort, and if you find that your interests are in different directions, or any attractions aren't mutual, remember to remain polite, as you would certainly wish to be treated. When meeting a potential swing partner one-on-one (or two-on-two, or two-on-one as the case may be) the same applies: be polite, even if you don't think there's any potential for intimacy, you could still have a great time anyways. Keep an open mind.


In many ways swinging is just like dating -- you still have to make yourself presentable, even more so if you know the evening will involve sexual intimacy.


Remember, "no" means "no". Anyone has the right to refuse your advances as you have the right to refuse theirs. Don't expect or ask for any explanation, in this lifestyle an initial "no" will seldom change to "yes" no matter how much persuasion you apply. Not everyone will match perfectly and an improperly handled situation can result in hurt feelings. If there's someone that you would like to swing with, let them know in a friendly manner and accept their response -- whatever it may be. If they change their mind, they'll let you know.


Practicing safe sex is, of course, a person's choice. But it's a very important choice -- this is the 21st Century after all. Anyone's decision to use condoms should be politely accepted. Couples Choice provides condoms at no charge and they are prominently displayed in every room in the club. Anyone not willing to accept this decision is acting irresponsibly and disrespectfully. If someone's willing to be intimate with you, you owe them the simple courtesy of respecting their comfort level.


 Swinging is about having a good time. Live some fantasies, explore your sexuality and enjoy! This lifestyle has plenty to offer with clothes on as well as off. Approach it with a positive attitude and a sense of humor.


Who you see at Couples Choice, what you hear at Couples Choice, what happens at Couples Choice is to be kept PRIVATE. Sharing inside club activities with non-members would terminate your privilege to attend future parties.


  • No means NO!
  • No cell phone usage except in designated areas.
  • Do not over indulge in alcohol. It never works out well.
  • The most important person in the club is the person who came with you.
  • We have a much better chance of fixing a problem you may encounter if we know about it BEFORE you leave. Calls the next day rarely solve issues you may have experienced the night before.
  • Who you see, what happens, what you hear STAYS AT THE CLUB
  • Discretion is a must
  • No cameras or recording devices
  • Discuss your rules as a couple prior to attending an event.
  • Leave the drama at the door
  • Good hygiene is a must